Sunday, December 16, 2007


When I fall in love, I can only fall in love more. I am not capable of loving any person less than I have loved this person at any given point in time. When I find no reason to remain in love with someone or when I can't seem to plumb the feeling from anywhere within me, then this person is marked for filing in the cabinets of my past. I have never believed in holding on to people. I try to, but the command (or plea) "hold on" apparently never stuck well in my psyche.

Is this wrong, that I can leave people just like, I dunno, that? You must understand that I never ask anyone this simply because I don't really care about what anyone's answers might be. I'd love to hear them, but concern for them is an entirely different thing. I might care, but only in a purely intellectual exercise.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm taking the required Ethics class this semester. I was pretty excited about it, really, because I feel strongly about the subject. But after a few sessions, I am totally disillusioned.

The arguments that I expected would come from the professor or my classmates did not materialize. Why?

Most of my classmates don't understand what they're talking about and hearing most of the time. We're in UP, christ.

The professor simply explains concepts, but that's it. This is this and that is that and class, do you get it? And he gets a bewildered collective nod. The hell. He doesn't challenge his students. Well, I don't feel challenged. I am not saying that he should impose his beliefs on students or that students should impose their beliefs on everybody else, but wouldn't exploring the concept at hand rather than just defining it broaden everyone's understanding? How can one do it? By asking questions. By having their beliefs challenged. Critical thinking should be encouraged.

Since the class is 1-2:30 PM, I just almost but not quite fall asleep. I'd rather read the readings, where I actually learn something.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wet Feet

I have having wet feet. It's the worst feeling in the world. Well, that's excluding the feeling of being fat.