Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kikay Loot

Lookie look! I finally got my prize from Ellana Minerals.

I won it from a contest in Kikay Exchange---sheer luck, I tell you. The package was very very late, but it's okay, I love the stuff! I got the Too Pink lipgloss, the White Dew Radiance Mineral Finishing Powder in Almond Coffee Cream and a sheer blush in Serenity (peachy shade).

Nothing makes me happier than free makeup. The finishing powder gives a light, velvety sheen. Best after foundation. The blush is indeed sheer, its perfect for my natural look. I actually have a promise to myself, because Marco is so makulit and anyway I want to make him happy. What's the promise? I'll go for the makeupless look most of the time. Yeah. That's still a lot of effort, but anything for my prissy luffy. Like this! I didn't wear eyeshadow here, but to top the look off, I'll wear white and gold eyeshadow for school. Plus mascara of course.

Anyway, check out the stuff I got this week. I was in the mood to splurge on makeup the past few days. I have a horrid suspicion that it's the stress from school. :( Anyway, I'm one happy ho'.

From left to right:
Elianto eyeshadow in Sunrise
Ellana Finishing Powder
Ellana Blush in Serenity
The Face Shop
Dewy Flower Moist Loose Power in 23 Natural Beige
Palladio Rice Powder in Natural from The Beauty Bar
Miners Aqua Shine lipstick in Peachy (also from The Beauty Bar)
Ellana lip gloss in Too Pink

Yay! Marco hates it when I'm giddy over make-up, but what the hell, this stuff gives me a really shallow joy. It's shallow, but it's still joy. So yeah.

Oh, I'm going to buy a foundation from Ellana. It's cheap, and I really want to try Mineral Foundation. Also, I obviously have a thing for finishing powders. I don't like foundation kasi, but of course, I can always change my mind.


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