Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've been blogging for five years. Wow. That's a pre-tty long time. I've come a long way since then, done so many things I didn't know I'd be doing.

It just goes to show - plans are just, well, plans. They're guidelines, but nothing you can do with finality.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Car Robberies at The Podium and The Fort

We all know that crime and murder is happening everywhere around us—but we don’t mind, since it’s not happening to us. Only when it’s close to home do we realize how vulnerable and helpless we really are.

Last night, Marco lost his new Macbook Pro, which he got not more than a month ago for P100,000. He left it in the car trunk of a friend, which was parked by The Podium in Ortigas. They left the parking lot at 9pm for dinner and came back 1am which is when they discovered that the trunk was broken in and three laptops were stolen, including his friend’s Macbook Air (this sells for P80,000 each) and a Dell laptop .

I don’t know any more details than that because Marco doesn’t really want to talk about it yet and I didn’t ask since I know this is hitting him hard. I know how he loved his Macbook Pro because every peso of it was something he worked for. He’s so proud of it. It’s central to what he does, which is web design. He actually didn’t only lose the laptop and miscellaneous gear worth $2,000 but he also lost priceless data related to his work. We are both devastated because it will be hard to raise money for such an expensive gadget again, as well as recover the data in it.

A couple of things are bothering me about this incident. One, how did the robbers know where to look, and what to look for? It’s either they got lucky, which I doubt, or Marco’s party was followed around. Two, it happened practically beside an exclusive place, The Podium, where high-income people are a norm. How could the security be so lax as for this to happen? Ortigas is not Quiapo, Recto, Divisoria, or Baclaran. And yet…

From Pau

Just last week ago a similar incident happened to another friend, Pau: his car window was broken in and he lost two cameras, a Nikon D40 and a Canon G10, and his laptop to another fucker. It happened at The Fort, in MC Home Depot. His car was parked no more than 15-20 meters from the security guard! OMG right? Read more about it here and please help him get in touch with people who might give him assistance or know the man in the sketch.

If you’re interested in helping Marco, please do

  • Refer him people who can help him recover his laptop if you know of any.
  • If you have any leads on the people who have stolen the laptop, we’re willing to offer a substantial reward.
  • If you happen to see a Macbook Pro on sale or have bought one without a box, manual, and drivers, please check the serial number. The serial number of Marco’s laptop is w88522kh1g0. We’re willing to offer a reward for this information as well.
  • Blog about this incident and spread the word. This isn’t only to help Marco and Pau recover their rightful belongings but also to help other people avoid the same fate. It seems to be a modus operandi by some group. People should be aware and be paranoid about leaving their stuff in cars or bringing out their gadgets in public. Upscale shopping places are no longer safe, if they ever were to begin with.

Please, please spread the word. You can email me at lizlanuzo[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]ph if you have any relevant info. Thank you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am never one to pay attention to titles

Sometimes I go back here to read my old blog posts, to tell me what I thought and felt around any particular time of the year. This feels like home. An old home, where I grew up. I love my blogs to bits but they are so different from this one. I am different now.

I set up this blog back in 2005, when I was still seventeen. I don't need to read back too far to know that the seventeen-year old Liz is radically different from the twenty-year (nearing twenty one, ugh) old one. Aside from the new tiny wrinkles on the crease of my eyes and a few pounds on my thighs and arms, the way I think and feel now is worlds away from three years back. I love that I have this blog to keep track of how I evolved. I would like to think I did, you know. It would be sorely depressing if things were otherwise.

I'm not concerned about being witty now. I am not conscious of how I write anymore. I am not so interested in impressing people, either. I don't think about philosophy stuff anymore because I realized that it's pointless; one has to live in the now, think about the now, and reality is only what you think it is---there are so many philosophers who have said this in so many different ways, but they are never this blunt. Life is simple. Change has its time and it can't be hurried up. I am more shallow and more friendly. I am more forgiving and patient but not any less smug and over-confident.

In my eyes, I am both perfect and imperfect. I love who I am.

So many things have happened and I have met so many people. There is one in particular who keeps me grounded. His name is Marco. He tells me when I'm being stupid, corrects me and points me in the right direction. In exchange I buy him Minute Maid and isaw and remind him not to miss his meals. He also calls me a lot when he's particularly stressed out and this is our second Christmas together. Well, I don't blog about him anymore in my current personal blog. What is there to say? That I love him? That's overrated, and no one else but him needs to hear it.

I love my Mom and Dad and my dumb brother. I love my dogs, Hector, Bogart, and Toopy, who are all fat and nice-smelling since they like to lie in the sun like dirty pillows.

I love my life and I am glad that I have it.

Hah, take that, future Liz. I know you'll be in the mood this time of the year to go back to this blog and find out what you thought and felt today. I hope things are even better for you now.

Monday, August 04, 2008

All full sizes of mineral makeup at P50 off and free shipping for orders around P600

hi guys! im trying to get rid of some of the mineral makeup i ordered from the US. im so lazy to sell. :( so its P50 of.f on all full size products. if were really close, i'll sell it to you at P80 off. so yay!

please visit for details. thanks!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm Selling Makeup!

Hey guys! I just put up my multiply site selling mineral makeup by The She Space (About Face), a cosmetics company based in Illinois. I'm selling finishing powder, blushes, and eyeshadows in full size and convenient sample sizes. Please do visit!

Also, don't forget Project Vanity at for your beauty updates. ^_^

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kikay Loot

Lookie look! I finally got my prize from Ellana Minerals.

I won it from a contest in Kikay Exchange---sheer luck, I tell you. The package was very very late, but it's okay, I love the stuff! I got the Too Pink lipgloss, the White Dew Radiance Mineral Finishing Powder in Almond Coffee Cream and a sheer blush in Serenity (peachy shade).

Nothing makes me happier than free makeup. The finishing powder gives a light, velvety sheen. Best after foundation. The blush is indeed sheer, its perfect for my natural look. I actually have a promise to myself, because Marco is so makulit and anyway I want to make him happy. What's the promise? I'll go for the makeupless look most of the time. Yeah. That's still a lot of effort, but anything for my prissy luffy. Like this! I didn't wear eyeshadow here, but to top the look off, I'll wear white and gold eyeshadow for school. Plus mascara of course.

Anyway, check out the stuff I got this week. I was in the mood to splurge on makeup the past few days. I have a horrid suspicion that it's the stress from school. :( Anyway, I'm one happy ho'.

From left to right:
Elianto eyeshadow in Sunrise
Ellana Finishing Powder
Ellana Blush in Serenity
The Face Shop
Dewy Flower Moist Loose Power in 23 Natural Beige
Palladio Rice Powder in Natural from The Beauty Bar
Miners Aqua Shine lipstick in Peachy (also from The Beauty Bar)
Ellana lip gloss in Too Pink

Yay! Marco hates it when I'm giddy over make-up, but what the hell, this stuff gives me a really shallow joy. It's shallow, but it's still joy. So yeah.

Oh, I'm going to buy a foundation from Ellana. It's cheap, and I really want to try Mineral Foundation. Also, I obviously have a thing for finishing powders. I don't like foundation kasi, but of course, I can always change my mind.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I am unbearably busy. Gods, I hate that word. Busy. It stars with a nice rounded sound in 'bu' and then ends up with a sharp, hissing noise in 'sy'. So many papers and reports to do. I hate this time of year, but I suppose things will end pretty soon. Just less than a month and boom! Vacation! Also known as practicum, meh.

I can't wait for school to end. Since this year started, two people sort of offered me a job. As in a real job, with real pay. You can't believe how tempted I am---so near, and yet so far, graduation. School isn't that terrible for me to drop out of it. Well, not yet, even considering the state that I'm in. But stiiiill. Job equals living on your own equals late night outs equals more time with Marco equals my own money to buy the stuff I really like equals tons of other things I want to have right NOW.

Ah well, as usual, one just lives with it.