Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Love Love

I love love. I like seeing people fall in love with each other especially if these people aren't really the sort to fall in love. Okay, okay, maybe it's too early to say it's the four-letter word yet---but my heart is seriously bursting with the news! Have you felt ever your heart burst? This should be my first time. It's so amazingly uplifting to witness two people have a go at romance for the very first time.

When I read the complementary blog posts of my two friends who obviously have a thing for each other, I felt so happy. Why? Because both of them are probably what you'd think to be the last two people to fall in love. It might be difficult to think about it, but when you meet them, you'll know.

Ting is cute and chinito. He's stick thin, but he's the sort of dreamy guy that girls like. He's smart, he spends all his money on books instead of food, and you can talk to him for hours without getting bored (OMG does Liz have a crush on Ting?! OMG!). Seriously, I did have a crush on him last last year, and if I were single right now (which we know would be impossible as I am in love with Marco) and if Ting is fatter and straighter (which we know to be impossible as the man has a fucked-up metabolism and is bisexual), I would totally do him. Reighben would too. I can't even count how many times Reighben has seduced Ting under my nose---well, the point is, Ting is cool.

However, Ting is also a tuod. He's insensitive. He likes the idea of love, but when the opportunity presents itself he would (and has been) too lazy to follow it up. He has this impossible idea of falling in love (the head over heels sort, the whirlwind romance type, you get the drift) which is why he's never really done it before.

When I first met Uretz, I thought she was a guy. She usually wears really loose guy pants, big guy shirts, big hoodies, and Chucks. She would call herself anti-social as she is very picky about the people she hangs out with. She has never had a crush before, she sneers at love and thinks that it is impossible. Well what do you know!

So we have two people here who seem to be androgynous, loves anime and video games, wears glasses, looks Chinese, have pale white skin, and even has the same hairstyle for chrissakes. When I saw them together, I was the first to start teasing them. I seriously didn't think it would end up this way but boy am I glad. It's second-hand, but it feels like the first time I fell in love (naks!). You know, the kilig moments, the sugar rush, the cluelessness, the works---you can see how my week is made now.


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