Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here's a delightfully easy way to kill yourself: get a syringe, any type of syringe. I think you can get one at any Mercury Drug store for less than twenty pesos. With the syringe in hand, pick a healthy, innocent looking vein and inject air in it. Wait for an x period of time until you start to have difficulty breathing, after which you will slowly have the sensation of drowning—but in air. Then you die an utterly clean and (just a little) painful death.

Suicide is an in thing nowadays; I wont even elaborate. In fact, it's so in that the evangelist in the church behind our house had a nice little talk regarding it just last Sunday. He said that suicide is evil and that whoever attempts and succeeds in doing it will go to Hell, wherein the person will burn in eternal lake of fire. He said that suicide is a sin because any form of killing any human being is a sin, since god gave us life and it is just plain insolence to take it away with our own hands. Destroying one's self, I think, is the ultimate insult to one's creator (if in fact a creator does exist, and if this creator is amazingly egotistic as the holy books are interpreted to say).

Have you ever thought of killing yourself? I haven't. Sure I've had some unbelievably low points in my life as all of us are bound to have sooner or later, and in increasing vehemence, but I've never considered suicide as an option. I don't just love life, I actually like it. There are are many things I'd like to do before I die. I'd like to go to Europe, visit the moon, and have green eyes, and so on. So why kill myself? I understand that other people are not so lucky to live the life I live and thus have the opportunities I have. Some of them resort to killing themselves at twelve or twenty-five or sixty-three and you know what? I think it's perfectly all right to do so.

My philosophy is simple: do whatever the hell you want, and I'll do whatever the hell I want. It's not even a philosophy, per se, but a statement of fact. People do whatever the hell they want. Battered women want to stay in violent and unproductive relationships, so they stay. Alcoholics want to get drunk, so they drink and ruin their livers and their lives. People want to die so they kill themselves. Should we stop these people? We could, if we want to, else we leave them alone and keep the condolence to ourselves. The world is a battleground between what any number of people want and don't want. Join in if you feel like it. If you don't, then you'd best keep to the conflicts you care about.

So you want to kill yourself? Okay. It's your choice, a conscious decision. Whatever rocks your boat.


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