Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Obviously Like This Picture Huh?



I just re-read Richard Bach's Illusions. A biplane pilot who sells rides for three dollars ten minutes meets a real life messiah who was a mechanic. They become friends, and before the messiah dies a gruesome death (as is fashionable with messiahs), he teaches the pilot to become a messiah himself. Well, it's still a wholly likable book for people who can stand philosophical slash New Age crap---and I can. Stand it. Some quotations I can't stand, however, like

You are led
through your lifetime
by the inner learning creature,
the playful spiritual being
that is your real self.

Gods. If I wrote something like this and meant it to the very bottom of the abyss of my heart, I shall not be able to live with myself. It makes me cringe and whimper deep inside. It's supposed to be from the fictional Messiah's Handbook in the novel which contains various quotes/instructions on how to be a messiah. Hm, if I have to think that way in order to be a messiah, no thanks. I suppose turning water into wine is more my thing.

The book is passable, but it is pretentious as most books go. Add some few notches in the average pretentious meter though and you'll get a better picture. It could be your ultimate solipsist's handbook, if you may, and it could also be rather helpful. Not by much if you believe in god though.

truth you
speak has no past
and future

It is,
and that's all it
needs to be.


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