Thursday, August 30, 2007

Songs I Know

There's particular comfort in knowing that a semblance of eternity can be found in a song. It can be revived, but the original remains. You can go back to it and it wouldn't change---the meaning, the essence, whatever it stood for you when you first heard it. Eternity in a time capsule of melodies. The idea is fascinating.

Whenever I feel particularly sad, I seek solace in the songs I know. They don't have to be good or immortal like The Bohemian Rhapsody, I just have to like them. Songs won't judge nor care who I am and they won't be mad at me if I don't turn out as they expect me to be. They don't have the physiological signs of being alive, but the people that made them live through them. In a sense, songs are like people because they have feelings. What makes them inhuman and thus, perfect, is the fact that these feelings never change.

I have use for feelings that never change. You might think that such feelings are more often than not unneccesarily obstinate in the face of impractical situations, but they can be useful too, in the proper context. Unchanging feelings give a song, and a person, identity. They are something to hold on to. We all need something to hold on to.


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