Sunday, July 08, 2007


The commute to Manila from Cavite and back is killing me. For the first time in my college life, I am seriously considering getting a dorm. Maybe for the past three years, too many people started living in Cavite and buses started breaking down; maybe my schedule simply sucks; or maybe I'm just really old and I have no more stamina or patience for five hours of travel everyday.

You heard it—five hours. It used to be only three hours. But now the traffic is the shiznit! I mean just last Monday I spent 45 minutes in one spot. Record breaking. To top it off I was standing up along the aisle. If that happens again I swear I'm gonna give up college and just raise chickens somewhere in Bukidnon. I hear they don't have roads there.

I'm thinking, I can do a lot of things with five hours. You know, study, read the handouts (although seriously just looking at that pile of photocopied pages depresses me within seconds), go to the zoo, go to Divisoria, stuff. Lots of stuff. I'm wasting 25 hours every week, or to put it in a sadder manner, one day every week goes up in an unproductive puff of air. Not that I'll get productive if someone gave me that day back after Sunday, but you get my drift. It's 25 hours of solid exhaustion while on the road.

Mary is thinking of the same thing. She wants to get a dorm too and I'm all too happy to share a room with her; she's the kind of roomate one would not mind having. She has a laptop, and my phone has 3G. I think we're good to go. Now all I need is to 1) find a cheap, nice, quiet place 2) convince my mom to let me live there 3) convince myself to live there. I'm just really really tired right now and it's just the second month of the first semester. I have to start maximizing my time.

Meaning, I have to start sleeping more. Twenty-five hours of extra sleep? Not bad.


Anonymous jc said...

Is it a Globe 3G? Good luck!

6:43 AM  

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