Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dance, Dance

Contrary to popular belief, I am a very shy person. It comes off as being mataray or suplada, and honestly? I encourage that. It makes me sound less weak. So when I pass you by in a corridor without so much as a side glance, it’s not that I’m doing the snub routine. It’s either I didn’t see you, I honestly did not remember you, or I’m too shy to say hi. Yea. Go snort.

So I surprise myself when I find me dancing in public. Its starts with a harmless tapping of the fingers, and then of the toes, and before I even notice it, my hips start to shake to the beat. I forget about being shy. With the right music, I can do this anywhere!

Here’s the list of songs I’ve been dancing to lately, anytime, anywhere:

1. Monkey Baby by the Scissor Sisters (monkeh babeh why you lookin’ at me? monkeh babeh why don’ you climb that tree?)
2. Good Boys by the Scissor Sisters featuring Goldie (good boys never win, good boys never wi-in!)
3. My Coco by Stellastarr (my Co-co-co!)
4.This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race by Fallout Boy

I danced My Coco while mom was buying sans rival from the bakery at the mall the other day. It was a good dance, considering that I’m having my first-day period and the dysmenorrhea was acting up just in time. Cramps and all, I felt pretty good about the whole show. To hell with people who were looking. I say, get a life. Everyone’s got the right to bop whenever they feel like it.

If people danced more to their private beats, then I think this’ll be a happier place to be. To fuck with smooth moves and right timing. It’s all about the dance, all about the music. Do it as self-expression and not as self-repression, which happens when you dance for other people rather than for yourself.

And it’s also good for the PMS, I swear.


Blogger Henrik said...

And so I shall download these things. But really, you don't look like you dance a lot. Must be effective, I guess.

I'm doing my disco playlist now. Wanna join in senseless jubilation?

8:20 PM  
Anonymous jogasaurus said...

inasmuch as people refer to me as daldalera, i claim to be very introvert. and, yes, i get violent raections to that claim :) anyways, i like this blog...i like the thoughts that float around, and i think i like you as a person who has a vry different outlook in this thing we all call LIFE!
oist to you!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous lorkan said...

cool blog. i read your entries and i find them nice and interesting as well.

thnks fr th mmrs by fall-out boy ( i think) is better than the 'this ain't a scene...'

cheers to dancing and for the love of caffeine!

7:23 PM  

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