Friday, March 23, 2007

Offspring of the Tofu

There are plenty of the books lying around the floor of my room (duh, what is new?). I spot titles like Conan and the Amazon, The Once and Future King, School of Hard Knocks and Clan of Cave Bear. It suddenly strikes me that they are diverse. Too diverse? Is there such a thing as too diverse, and if there is, is it something to be proud of?

I picked up a dusty, random book. Beloved, by Tony Morrison. One of the books I place under the ‘disturbing’ category, aha. I remember Richard Bach saying that opening any page of a book, any book, would tell you what you need to hear. Give you advice even. Here goes shit:

Page 255, second paragraph: she said she was always a little scared of my daddy. He was too good, she said. From the beginning she said, he was too good for the world. Scared her.

Page 172, first paragraph: …fact was she knew more about them than she knew about herself, having never had the map to discover what she was like.

Page 173, first paragraph: It’s better here, but I’m not.

I say, by all means, tofu is good for a person’s body. It has lots of healthy stuff in it which I shall name once I find my elementary PEHM book. Lots of healthy stuff really, but if you deep fry it and eat it with liberal amounts of soy sauce, I think the benefits may cancel out with too much salt and cholesterol.

I’m a fan of salty foods. Thus, I can’t live without patis or toyo complementing my meal unless absolutely unavoidable (read: Italian or American restaurants). I put patis in mechado, kaldereta, ginisang munggo, sinigang, menudo, omelettes, corned beef, etc. Toyo plays a lesser role, but it’s more available when I eat out than patis.

The point of all this inane chatter is not this: when someone tells you something then takes it back, and tells it again and takes it back, and so on, you can’t help but believe this thing that is taken back more than you’d (rather) believe the thing not taken back.

Anak ng tokwa, it’s either it is or it isn’t! It can’t be it is and it isn’t, or if it is then it isn’t. You can get yourself into a logic fuck and not get out sane, that way.


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Natawa lang ako sa "anak ng tokwa". Slow ang pag-iisip...

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