Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fascinating Fact, My Ass

For some reason, I was really interested in food yesterday. Yes, I’m the sort of person who can choose to be interested or not in food. Food to me, lately, is just about as attractive as a doorknob: you wouldn’t mind too much if it’s not around, but you need it anyway. But yesterday I was all for eating.

So during lunch I went to my favorite stall in the cafeteria (closely contested by the stall behind it which sells Corn Bits Special) and was happily surprised that besides pancit palabok, lomi, arroz caldo, spaghetti, siomai and carbonara they are now selling (drum roll please) macaroni salad! I ordered a plate, along with some siomai. I am very fascinated by the fact that I am the only person I know who eats siomai and macaroni salad at the same time---in alternate mouthfuls, at that.

Truth be told, paper tastes better than their so-called macaroni salad. When I mentioned this to Betch, she was very surprised because to her I looked like I was having the time of my life consuming it. Rolls eyes.

After lunch, I went to an internet café along Taft. When I came out, I spotted calamares and immediately honed. Have you tasted this shit? Not the clean sort, but the filthy kind. All the dustified boogers, spit and vehicle exhaust add to the delicate flavor of flour-coated squid sold for three bucks a pop. Fascinating fact for this paragraph: with my penchant for street food, it is highly amazing that I haven’t yet gotten typhoid. Yet. I feel guilty sometimes and lose sleep over it but hey, street food has interesting ingredients as mentioned above.

I walked back to school and saw a cotton candy thingy parked in front of the gate. These pink gunk sell for five pesos and if you’re adventurous, you can request Manong Cotton Candy to put some powdered ‘milk’ into the pink gunk. ‘Milk’ in quotes because the powdered mixture is 3/4s flour and 1/4s milk. Talk about cost-cutting. Anyway I bought some.

I was looking for Mary and Mishee so I wandered all over campus. Imagine a girl in a red-and-white candy-striped shirt with pink ribbon in her hair clutching a bag of fake-ish cotton candy with a lost, blank expression on her face. Yea, that’s me. After ten years I received a message telling me that they’re at Sushi-ya, like, five thousand point sixty-seven miles away from where I was looking for them! D’oh. To assuage my feelings I bought orange juice and was pissed off enough to dip cotton candy in the juice and eat it. I swear, try it. It tastes greater than great.

Contentedly walking along Faura, I saw more food. A camote-que stall caught my eye and I did a double take: I want camote-que! I was staring at it with all the desire I can muster, trying to forget that camote has tons of carbs and will make me fat. Stare. Stare. Then besides a waiting shed, I saw a girl giving this guy a pedicure. My eyes strayed to his feet. A toe was a bit bloody from the nipper and looked like the ugliest thing I ever saw in my entire life. It was hairy and dark and dirty.

I shuffled to Rob Manila and moved on with my life, sans appetite.


Anonymous baddie said...

Be careful, Liz, Remember, ang figuuuure.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Haaay si manong cotton candy. He was in DLSU one day giving em away for free. :D

10:43 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

gino: i know, i know. you really have to poke that in huh?

niko: but you guys are rich over there! nobody there needs FREE cotton candy! but I do!

niko, gino. niko, gino. coo'.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

Actually we had his give it away. Anniversary (ooops) ng college namin so we had a free food giveaway for our fellow students.

Kami may pakana. Hehehe. Nakikuha rin ako.

Don't worry about the figure - all the walking beats it. :D

8:23 PM  
Anonymous mewi said...

"To assuage my feelings I bought orange juice and was pissed off enough to dip cotton candy in the juice and eat it. I swear, try it. It tastes greater than great."

what the hell liz totoo?! and you didn't even bring us calamares!! i dont care about all the magic ingredients added to it. it's just incredibly delish! (and cheap! XD)

9:13 PM  

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