Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Sacred Day of Capitalistic Hearts

As a self-effacing girl with self-effacing friends, spending self-effacing time with them is the best way to spend Valentine's Day. We cavorted our afternoon away at that cryogenic crypt also known as the Senate building, 45 minutes of which I spent drooling on the table of the conference room where a long and boring lecture was delivered. Well, why isn't anyone surprised?

After the fieldtrip, we went to that conglomeration of restaurants located besides CCP and had dinner. We tried to watch the sunset and wished it was somewhere in front of us rather than off-left; it's just so depressing, don't you think? No? Oh-kay. Then we scooted off to Vito Cruz in a taxi with a driver who muttered something totally incomprehensible about Jollibee---where was I?---we scooted off to Vito Cruz to Cello's for some donuts. So far, so good. The whole Valentine's thingummy seemed like a bad nightmare far removed from my little dateless world.

Since I'm a stuck-up bitch with a fairly colossal ego, I decided to test my resolve regarding my arguments against Valentine's Day. They are:

1.) Valentine's Day is a purely capitalistic exercise
2.) Affection must be displayed every day, not only on one pre-set date
3.) The damn day makes single people feel so horrible, more so when they are not single in the first fucking place

The Test was quite simple: I just entered the concentration camp of the lovey-doveys, i.e., Robinson's Place Manila. I sat on a stupid bench watching stupid couples with stupid balloons and flowers with a stupid expression on my face---don't ask what. Suffice it to say, I felt horrible.

Conclusion is, no matter how smart you fancy you are, rational arguments convince nothing more than that grey matter called your brain. Not your hypothalamus, unfortunately. Not that. Also: cynicism and a heightened sense of irony are no match for the hormones and general euphoria spawned by Valentine's Day. Lastly, avoid malls next year unless you're with someone you can blow your payday money on and not feel sorry the next morning.

I sound bitter. So maybe I am. Aren't you, too?


Blogger Henrik said...


As I said. Cello's is legendary. Well, sort of, if it's the only way DLSU people can appease souls. Or Cerealicious.

I am obviously lonely, am I?

Well, miss sleepyhead (can't get over that title, sorry)... I'm getting infected by your ways. Lugging a camera with two lenses while seeing couples (go figure) ain't that helpful.

Offline is the next venture. :D

11:48 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

i seem to do that to a lot of people lately, 'infecting' them with my ways! haha. don't worry dude, you're not the only lonely one here. fuckit, not the only one.

need another donut. tell me about cello's.

9:10 PM  

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