Monday, January 29, 2007


Rational choice theory assumes that all individuals are self-interested and make decisions based on the principle of utility maximization—okay I’ll highlight that—

What will I wear tomorrow? How about Mishee’s gift, that green skirt, and this mustard-yellow shirt I got in Divisoria for only a hundred eighty bucks…but I’m fat lately…how about—

I wish Ma would turn off the TV, I hate it when it mutters through my door while I’m studying. And I hate Korina Sanchez’s voice. Yeah I know I used to worship her, I wanted to be a broadcaster then, but I was ten and didn’t know shit—

Damn Jal, what’s this thing he’s got for graded recitations? I thought that went out of fashion already? That’s just probably me thinking awry again. Still—

Hey, how about a blog post on emo people? They’re annoying, but I have a soft spot for them because I’ve been through all that and I always wanted someone who’d sit down with me for three hours just to humor me and my misery. Emo-ness. What a fad. Fad? I think it’s been around for hundreds of years. But why did the subculture emerge only in the 21st century? There was Romeo and Hamlet and—

Brownout. The desk lamp winked out, the hum of the fan died down, and the murmur of the television ceased. My babble of thought quieted down to match the silence of the room, the house, the world. And darkness. I was steeped in it, staring at it…what a long-postponed communion. I have no time for traipsing on its mellow, black depths, and I don’t have the luxury to receive its gift of oblivion. Long time no see. A split-second eternity, nothing more. More than enough…?

The light returned. I went back to my Polsci 100 readings and resumed living.


Anonymous baddie said...

I receive the gift of oblivion everyday. Delivered by angels with gossamer wings and pandas with roller blade feet.

Reading your mind is just so yummy.

And hey! Your comment pop-up window is working fine today!

3:45 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

yay! because it's working today too. hehe. thanks!

11:14 PM  

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