Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Female Manly Pride

I dislike going dutch. I’d rather the guy pays for me, because I’m Kuring Kuripot in flesh and blood. The SE pays whenever we go out, although he has discarded the gallant gentleman act and now starts to mutter while handing out the bills: ‘jeez, I thought she was semi-feminist’.

Betch says I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, that’s what guys are for anyhow. She has no qualms about double standards. So do I.

But Mishee says I should pay for my own…! It is a matter of pride, she argues. The female has got to assert herself and proclaim independence within an established relationship, and a more effective way to do it would be to pay for herself. This is highly logical, but impractical: being assertive and independent does not have to cost a cent in this context.

For example, a man says that he loves you just the way you are, and in the same sentence adds that you should never wear your favorite miniskirt ever. Not that is an act of repression, and the female manly pride is trampled. He may mean any of the following: A.) your legs rock, but he’s a selfish jerk and doesn’t want to share B.) your legs suck, it embarrasses the hell out of him C.) you have no fashion sense. An act of war. There are many viable responses to such, ranging from mild amusement to unprecedented violence. This situation is worth taking up arms for. And going dutch? Just not worth it, for me.

But then again it is just a matter of priority. Some girls mind, some girls don't. I like being pampered and treated like a princess and some such shit. It wouldn’t hurt if I didn’t pay for it, would it? I’m a sucker for free stuff, and I try not to be a hypocrite about it.

But! It is a different matter entirely when someone I don’t know offers to pay for me. I don't want to owe the said theoretical person anything---the sucker-for-free-stuff attitude gives way to I’ve-got-moolah-too-you-watch-me-if-i-don’t. Such is a manifestation of the female manly pride in a slightly altered situation of two strangers meeting up, sans romantic inclinations.

The SE argues that going dutch is the wave of the present, but I snort that once he stops sending me dagger looks whenever I wear my favorite mini, I may consider the proposition.


Anonymous steel said...

Is going dutch the same as going french? If so, I'd still choose to go greek. [/kinky]

12:04 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

After reading it, I left with an even more confused brain setup.

Then the right song plays. Corrine Bailey Rae's "Young and Foolish". Explains everything. Hahaha

9:58 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

steel: i'm afraid i'm lost. what's going greek mean? you kinky bastard you!

henrik: you're welcome to a confused brain set-up anytime, just IM me and we're good to go. XP

8:18 PM  
Anonymous steel said...

Whatever you do, never search for the term "Going Greek". It will make coffee shoot out of your noise.

7:55 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

uh. *blink* okay. you're scary when you sound serious do you know that?

9:00 AM  

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