Saturday, December 23, 2006

What I’d Just Hate to Have for Christmas

Christmas is for kids. Christmas is for people who are still innocent enough to believe in the more inspiring things in life. Like hope. Or faith.

I have long given up on regarding Christmas as an exercise of religion. The turning point may have been the time when it was stolen from me by Eli Soriano; who knows. But it may be the disillusioning atmosphere I expose myself to during the season of giving. Suffocating malls with the stench of money low in the air and Christmas jingles pathetically manufacturing the Christmas spirit—sickening.

Is it just me?

I can only speak for myself (so it may just be me, after all). I am agnostic but I celebrate Christmas like a good celebratory Roman Catholic. No sweat. I am not one who makes qualms about distinction, considering how most experiences in life are subjective. So has Christmas lost its subjective meaning to me? Yes. I did use to believe in Christ. I did use to attend masses. If we are to be technical about it, then to me, ‘Christmas’ is as real a word as ‘Hogwarts’.

I am a kid. I am still innocent enough to believe in the more inspiring things in life. But by golly, Christmas may not exactly be the thing for me.


Anonymous Steel said...

The Japanese celebrate Christmas. So does the Muslim taxi driver who asked if I could add 20 bucks more on the metered fare as pamasko. That makes Christmas celebrated by everyone, even by non-Christians.

8:54 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

yes. you're right. so i edited the whole thing. from the beginning everything in this post is hasty generalization anyway, which is not right.

3:36 PM  

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