Sunday, December 03, 2006

Id Est

Another week ahead—just thinking about it makes my stomach lurch. One month into the second semester and I'm wasted. Now that's weird. Is it just me getting older or the world moving faster? A good question, but one which has been asked, and consequently unanswered, before.

I had intended to waste my time cataloguing all my books—you know, write all their titles and organize them according to genre. But I had to give up after Sweet Valley High Twins. My 'For Adolescents' books are too many, and I haven't even gotten to science fiction, fantasy, romance, classics, suspense/thriller, and mystery yet. So I just stuck everything wherever they would fit. Oh, and I was sorely disappointed when I did not find a trace of Stephen King's The Green Mile. All six books I bought for ten pesos each, and they are, sniff, lost.

I know, I know. This is all boring and unenlightening. So let me say something profound: ignorant people do not deserve intelligent conversation. Got that? Write it down. Ignorant people tend to stretch your patience. They cannot be reasoned with, not easily anyway. The bad part is that the effort would be worthless.

With that said, let me continue ranting. Rant. I'm sick of analzying myself, my friends, my dogs, my preference of soap operas—basically anything or anyone I care about. It gets in my nerves. As I keep telling Betch: makati sa kili-kili. I just want to be blank, the epitome of Locke's tabula rasa. I just want to hide in the bathroom forever reading Isabel Allende or Stephen King or Lloyd Alexander or Madeleine L'Angle. Rant.

I'm done.


Anonymous Jaywalker said...

Yeah ignorant people don't deserve conversation but the temptation to make fun of them can be too hard to resist sometimes especially if they're so convinced that they're smarter than you ;)

3:10 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

that's true. but i'd rather stop early so as to save myself the hassle of worrying about their feelings. now that makes me sound bad.

4:26 AM  

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