Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You Need Someone to Say Hi To Late At Night

I don’t want to sound like a certain emo guy you know, but I warn you that I may get too close to his timber which may lead you to lose your respect for me. I assume that neither of us wants that to happen, but someday it will. Let’s just not hope its now.

Let’s talk about primary friends and secondary friends. Primary friends are those who you trust your life and panties with. They are the kind of people you can leave your red lollipop with and know that the patch of wet that wasn’t there before isn’t theirs. Their less important functions are as follows: absorbent shoulders to cry on, fellow problem solvers, and sympathetic ears to endless rants.

Secondary friends are simply the people you hang out with when the primary friends are not available to humor you. Secondary friends assuage your boredom, make you laugh, hear your occasional petty problems, and not much else. They are fun to be with, much like your primary friends, but you owe them less obligations.

Sometimes though, secondary friends take over the role of primary friends. It may be that the primary friends are simply not doing what they are supposed to do, on purpose (i.e. ignoring you) or not (it may be that your schedules simply do not match), thus pushing you away to your secondary mates. It may be that the secondary friends demand too much time from you, because they like you and want you to be a more permanent part of their clique, thus pushing you away from your primary buddies. It may also be that you are too insensitive to know what you are doing in the first place, and want everything at the same time and expect them to generously understand you with no hassles.

That does happen, fortunately. I understand you too well. See, I always thought that if there’s anyone in this whole wide polluted world who thinks a lot like you, it would be me. Since we think so much alike, I know that you know I am not being sarcastic as I type this paragraph. I really do mean it. I wish I don’t.

Why don’t your primary friends just get together with your secondary friends? It’s fairly simple, if you think about it. They like each other in the first place. So why isn’t it happening? Life is simple, only if you think about it.

I know you’re happy. And I’m happy too. But I miss you.


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