Thursday, November 02, 2006

Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, blue ha moccs sir, one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand *part forgotten* especially when I see the respectable face of my beloved bloody son-of-a-parent officer.

I hated CAT. Just a bunch of jerks strutting around pretending what they did mattered out of the campus walls. Well, maybe it did. Who knows. Elaborate play-acting does a lot to augment illusions and generate the drama not found outside stuffy green uniforms and fake rifles and combat boots and shiny brooches.

It escapes me, though.

Particularly, I hate rigidity. CAT is the opposite of everything I would like to fancy I stand for. CAT leaves no option for thinking; you just follow orders, like a pack of trained dogs. You have to tie the damn laces left over right for the left boot and right over left for the right boot, wear black underwear, spew out the appropriate responses to set questions, most of which do not make sense. Like the above. Maybe someone can tell me what it means.

I dislike moving in a straight line, even for just about four hours every Saturday. If I have to be literal here, I dislike marching in a straight line and turn corners by 90'. You can just imagine how sloppy I was---am. I'm sure the officers then loved demeriting me, I was a dead giveaway.

Or maybe, if I just dusted all this rhetoric away, maybe the real reason I hated CAT was because I sucked at it. Suffer this arrogant claim: I'm good at a lot of things. Strike out Math (I hated it), Physical Education (I hate it), and CAT (I hated it). Now we see a pattern. I'm a self-centered bitch who doesn't swallow failure well and thus sour-grape at the things long past.

But. Would I have sucked at it if the whole idea of Citizen's Army Training did not conflict with my philosophy?

Why this reminiscing about one of the more boring and intensely unenjoyed segments of my life? Well, it IS a beautiful day to-day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the rest tumbled out of my fingers like Kool-Aid powdered granules.


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