Monday, October 23, 2006

What The!

It is easy to want to be this or that, but it remains to be seen whether we have the power to change into what we would like to be. If such power be lacking, then our pretensions cannot appear otherwise than ridiculous and futile.

-From the short story A Character in Distress by Luigi Pirandello (1857-1956)

It couldn’t be said better than this. There are nasty names for that those whom Pirandello pertains to; ‘pretentious’ is such a nice adjective compared to them. Posers, nag-feefeeling, epal—after taking that risk of having the world’s collective eyebrow raised against you, you realize, too late, that that acid green shirt makes you look pathetic.

Check a mall. Any mall. The average Filipino wears a pair of jeans and a printed shirt. Sometimes, though, we find special people whom the entity above has forgotten to gift with the sense of fashion---heck, even propriety! You can’t have possibly missed that mini-skirted, massively thighed creature strutting a little ahead of you. Or were you looking at that fat guy wearing a muscle shirt? Ooh, first one who finds a peeking panty wins a prize!

Do I sound mean? Hell, I always sound mean. And I don’t just sound mean, I am mean. And you know what, I’m not the only mean person on this benighted planet. If you know what’s good for you, please don’t do ridiculous things. It hurts. It hurts you know.

But what if you don’t know what’s good for you? Well yeah, you might feel cool and not know that you’re not. But really. I refuse to believe that you are that stupid. It’s not that hard to take a look inside yourself, you’re always with yourself anyway. What I’m trying to say is that: can you live up to the challenge of breaking away from the stereotype? What challenge? The challenge of a coldly critical society judging you, first and foremost, from the clothes you wear. You don’t have to say or do anything yet; just wear something stupid, and you’re a dead giveaway.

This is not a treatise on fashion. If you want one, get a magazine.


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