Monday, October 09, 2006

Now what can i possibly say that would possibly mean something to you?

i can go about it the Reader's Digest way. or the Holden Caulfield way. or maybe the David Copperfield way. whichever the case is, our house was flash flooded about five feet, and i had to swim to save my dogs. life is still not normal.

what, do i sound angry and traumatized? nah, im just in an internet cafe and i can't make my creative juices work. not yet. oh, there was a debut last Saturday, and i slept off most of it. it's been a long week, after all. what followed was a hamburger and a bottle of C2, but you don't really have to know that story, eh? no.

and oh. i can spew off p's and q's, but you'll never really change. i'm tired of your antics most days, but i love you. ha. zip it. someone told me i'm being stupid, and that's a really smart thing to say. now why can't i throw off a witty conclusion for this paragraph?

i'm swept away.


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