Friday, November 10, 2006

Grape Juice

I got my Humanities I grade yesterday. A 1.75. I’m disappointed, but for the standards of the teacher, I admit I’m second rate. Which is true. The highest grade he gave out was 1.5—if that’s his first rate, then as the only 1.75er in his class, I’m second rate. Weeps.

He writes these really mean comments on test essays. Don’t ask what he’s written in mine, which I got just yesterday too. Suffice it to say that I was pretty smug when I passed the blue book and when I got it I wondered why he even passed me in the first place, after reading the comments liberally sprinkled over the pages.

I’ll always credit him for saying that honest criticism should never hurt. And I’ll be damnably honest as I say this: I love honest criticism. That’s why I got friends who don’t feed me shit just to make me feel bad, or good, whichever would suit individual egos. I got a Spouse Equivalent who trashed an outfit I was feeling particularly fashionable in, the entity above bless his soul. I want to hear as much subjective truth as possible even if it criticizes the things I am particularly proud of.

I am proud of my writing, but I admit that I’m not a good writer. My Hum I professor shoved that in front of my face. I’ve known the fact for some time, that I am not as good a writer as I make myself out to be, but he really did the trick. He pointed out exactly WHY. Well, I won’t tell you why; it’s a secret. But he’s right. I’ll give him that.

Another student would get mad at him—his comments are valid, but they are unnecessarily mean. His comments would bruise any ego, as they are done in the art of tactlessness. (Well sir, if you ever get to read this, I want to tell you that we’re doing it mano y mano; honest criticism for each honest criticism).

Well, he probably won’t be my teacher again so far as I’m concerned. He’s a good professor, and I appreciate the surgical precision which he employs in ruffling egos. I learned a lot from him last sem. But there’s still one thing, sir. If you get to read this (which will be approximately never), tell me what’s written behind this:

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The picture’s a little blurry, but it’s the front of my Hum I blue book. Below the nasty but true comment about the absence of my sense of time (hey, I forgot to write the date okay), is a statement which was blacked out with pentel pen and then whited out by liquid eraser. Above the erasure is written:

Please disregard, I’m very sorry for this Ms. Lanuzo.

Now what did he write and then erase doubly, at that? Probably something which would make me want to end his life or mine. Nyahaha.


Anonymous jaywalker said...

A professor once told me he was smarter than me. I threw some logic bombs at him and gave him a good helping of ego crushing ad hominems and he never bothered me ever since

About your comment on my blog, I'll debate you anytime. Name the venue and the time. Just prepare for some major ego bruising

3:23 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

haha, let me remind you that i am not theist---i.e., i don't believe in god per se, but in something else quit like him but not. i've read your defense of atheism. not bad. but they're classic.

as to the debate, just add me at ym. the username is lizlanuzo. :)

5:01 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

oh, wait, the ego-bruising part. i doubt it.

5:05 AM  
Anonymous jaywalker said...

I've added you already. You believe in something that is not god but is quite like him? like him in what sense?

[QUOTE]oh, wait, the ego-bruising part. i doubt it.[/QUOTE]'ll see. I'll add you to my list of victims :)

1:05 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

victims of what? i doubt it. quite like what, you say. well i don't know. that's why i'm agnostic and not atheist in the first place; i don't know. i never assumed the nonexistence of god. nor his existence, for that matter. i am trying to find the answer.

5:47 PM  

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