Saturday, February 03, 2007


I get a kick out of that Safeguard 'Safeguardians' commercial. It's the stupidest thing I've seen this month, and I laugh out loud at the hardcore line: ay, germonster! Amputa.

Captain Safeguardian (I believe he is called): Hindi ko ibibigay ang diarrhea mutagen sayo, Germax!
Germax: (after a long explanation on just what the fuck the diarrhea mutagen is for) Akin na ang diarrhea mutagen!
Captain Safeguardian: Eto o. Saksak mo sa baga mo leche.

Well I made that last line up. That's not a child-friendly line, is it? If you haven't seen the commercial, don't attempt to at night. It usually airs on mornings, when kids are watching the cartoons. Yes I'm a kid, and I watch the cartoons and those Japanese superhero shows. I Love Ultraman! Best comedy show ever. I know how to do the Ultrawave, stupohs, so back off.

On other things. I'm rarely busy, mostly because I'm lazy. I guess I tend to do things which are horribly unimportant to my general academic and/or mental and/or physical well-being. Example: I shuffle to my room carrying a bowl of Korn Bits. I set the bowl of Korn Bits on my battered coffee slash study table. This action triggers an avalanche of photocopied readings and piled books read for the past month or so. I stare at the mountain of paper. I stare at the Korn Bits. I stare back and forth trying to figure out what to do. I stare at the ceiling and live happily ever after doing absolutely nothing.

As I was saying, I rarely get busy. I don't have much of what they call a social-life, seeing as one of my hobbies involve a ceiling and a forsaken bowl of MSG-saturated junk food. When I DO get busy though, the heavens take revenge. All the papers and reports pile up, all the social engagements seem to sprout like unwanted boogers, all the important things decide to side against indolent me. Why oh why? Karmic damage? Probably.

My schedule for this week is hell. One hardcore report, one impromptu speech, one birthday partay, one debut, one performance, one film-showing, two 'meeting of minds' (gods what will I ever do without euphemisms?), two symposia, three papers. Fuck. And did I mention I was busy? Yes? Douche bag.


Blogger Henrik said...

Si Captain Safeguard! Hahaha. Caught that on the bus ride home and it caught my attention, although it sort of sounds really stupid.

As for your comment, I almost yelled an expletive at my computer screen for showing... ehrm. This should appear on a YM window rather than here.

Well, business ain't pleasure, but it'll get there eventually...

10:47 PM  
Anonymous steel said...

Something tells me you didn't grow up seeing Superman's or the Green Lantern's poster on your nightstand. Capt'n Safeguardian is one of the noblest hero ever created. *tips non-existent hat*

Oh, and Im so sorry for contributing to the cloggage of your nose.

8:54 PM  

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