Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just the Thing

A few inspiring words from my Histo 2 prof before the exam:

Be optimistic! Don’t say you’re not going to pass. Say you’re going to fail.

On other news, do you know what really makes me cranky? I wake up at 3 am to cram for a test, I leave the house at 8 to find that it’s abnormally cold outside, I board a bus to Manila to find that it’s colder inside. As I huddle shivering, I deny myself some decent music just so I can continue cramming (notice that I never use the word ‘study’---because I don’t), which means that I have to endure 1.5 hours of Love Radio. Just in time for Kris Chuper and Nicole Lihiyala’s morning show.

I have a class before the test, Comm III. The topic was non-verbal language. The prof kept on yappering and yappering and forgot the time. By 11.30 I was jiggling my leg. By 11.35 I was drumming my fingers and sending I’m-miserable-please-shut-up-now vibes, because the room where I’ll be having the exam is cursed to run out for chairs for the next century, and I didn’t want to take the test on the floor wearing a white mini. By 11.40 I was jiggling my whole body. Non-verbal language. Snort.

So comes test time. The instruction for the 37-ITEM EXAM (the readings were at least 50 pages of hard-core condensed info) was: answer briefly (as briefly as a man’s brief). No joke. That’s the kind of stuff we have to endure every Tuesday and Friday.

Afternoon I find out that I’m having my period. Didn’t have the necessary equipment, had to dash to a pharmacy to get Dolfenal 500. Before that, Mishee, Betch and I have determined the root of all evil---it’s not money or math. It’s a person. No one you know.

5.30. Philo 11. 8.30 pm. Wearily boards a bus to Cavite. Declines SE’s offer to eat at Gary’s. Hungry and wasted and splattered with pasta sauce from lunch. Sleeping the whole trip, waking up with drool on chin. Now this is the part where I got really annoyed and threw a tantrum.

When I got home, the only thing on the table is maki. From Tokyo Tokyo. Just the thing to have when I wanted to eat until food comes out of my nose after a 19-hour day. Just the thing to make me feel really really great about the beautiful things in the world. Just the thing.

I ate glue for dinner.


Anonymous baddie said...

One of those days, huh? Don't fret. It won't be the last. Have a nice day! XD

3:47 PM  
Anonymous betch said...

I remember your first sushi.

It was from Karate Kid, and had icky mayonnaise and carrots. You spat it out. I saw. XD

Oh, and about the root of all evil...*sigh*

8:32 PM  
Blogger Henrik said...

It'll be better. Just the same for everyone. Although it was irritatingly cold, and it still is...

...the sun insists on shining, but clouds always get in the way. What could it mean?

9:32 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

dudes, am i emo? because if i am i'll wear pink and yellow for the rest of my life. or just hunt you down to make you take it back.

4:16 PM  

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