Saturday, February 24, 2007

This Boring Piece of Window

I used to have mice as pets, those little, white, fluffy things that shit and pee on you as they cavort over your arm. I fed them bits of cabbage and uncooked oatmeal, and they show their gratitude by escaping from their cage after one, two weeks of easy life. Soon enough I find half-white and half-black mice furtively darting under the couch or behind the stove. So much for loyalty.

Do you know what I like most about Robinson's Place Manila? It's got all sorts of people there. Promdis, jologs, snotty rich kids, snottier middle-class kids, foreigners, hookers, corporate employees, everyone! That mall is my favorite people-watching place. It's like a window to the shadows of other universes. Complex lives all combined in one area, open to observation, criticism, amazement, envy---name it. Instant intellectual heaven.

I think I am slightly claustrophobic. Whenever I'm anywhere with four walls, I want to be beside a window. This applies to restaurants and buses. Especially buses. I can't stand the mass of butts rubbing on my shoulder, cutting off the air and the light. Thus, I have formed an affection for windows. I have even determined two classifications for them: interesting windows and boring windows.

Interesting windows have a lot of people passing in front of them, doing mundane but interesting things. It may be a guy lazily scratching his arse. Or a woman dragging three bratty children with her to a crossing. Or a badly-dressed, awkward-looking tween pre-occupied with her cellphone. Or a piece of human shit. Things like that. Boring windows, on the other hand, look out to a street where people just walk by with a blank expression on their faces, everything settled, everyone quiet, trudging to their destinations. Nothing happens.

I just explained things very very badly and this is also very badly written. However, if there's one thing I learned as a fanciful okay writer, it is to never say sorry for anything. And I mean never.


Blogger bulitas said...

ilove the blog theme. i enjoyed reading the posts. will definitely be back. =)

anyways, mind if we xchange links?

5:15 PM  
Anonymous jaywalker said...

Nicely written miss lizette ;)

10:35 PM  

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