Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I’m taking to biking now every Sunday for the past few weeks. I take out the bike shortly before the sun sets, watch the sky turn pink then indigo as the wind rushes past my face, and turn in after twilight. This habit gives me peace of mind, and by Jove, I need it badly today.

I got on the bike, set my player on shuffle and swore that I won’t stop until Frou Frou’s Must Be Dreaming plays.

The past few days in retrospect were as great as they go, even with this restlessness hounding me like a sexed-up alley cat. But they are very, very confusing. I have two major exams tomorrow and my concentration (whatever exists in the first place) is zilch, nada, nil. I’m drowning in photocopied pages here, and I don’t know what to wear tomorrow. How horribler can things get?

I have this little fantasy: I’d like to get a cottage somewhere in a nice, clean valley located on the rim of a nice, clean forest with minimal undergrowth and wild animals. Preferably there’s a pond or waterfall somewhere within walking distance. I’d grow rose bushes and chrysanthemums and dandelions and I’ll cook mushroom soup everyday! Imagine Snow White and Rose Red’s place. What the, you don’t know Snow White and Rose Red? You’ve missed a lot on your fairytale education, buster.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind having a cow too, to milk so I don’t get malnourished. I’ll plant a vegetable garden with potatoes and carrots and onions. And okay, okay, listen to the best part: there’d be no guys in five thousand miles! Wahoot. No I don’t really mean that.

And chickens. Add chickens to the list.

Someone said strong people don’t run away from, they run away to. Fuckit then. Who ever said I have to be strong?

But yeah this is just a fantasy. Because: a.) I know nil about planting a garden. Any garden, unless you count science-class experimental bean sprouts b.) I don’t know what type of mushroom goes in mushroom soup, seeing as I only get away with Knorr or Campbell’s; I don’t want to die of fungi poisoning c.) This piece of prime real estate would cost me how many bajillions of pesos, and the cow and chickens are not even included in the package. Bummer.

Do you believe that man is not a ground animal? I do. I believe there is an innate desire in all of us to fly, glide or swim---to feel weightless. This realization struck me as I watched a small dot of a kite last Sunday after biking. I used to ask, where’s the joy of flying a dumb kite? You hold the string, the kite flies, you don’t. You keep on holding the string, standing on a small piece of earth, watching. Holding. And that is it.

But I think…what matters is the pull of the delicate contraption of paper, plastic and walis tingting, the pull from the sky to the hand grasping the string. The exhilaration of the inanimate object is communicated to the kite-flyer---the exhilaration of flying.

My train of thought was interrupted as I almost ran over a wittle wittle puppy. My player almost hit the concrete and I was close to doing the same as I pulled the brake. Stupid puppy, I muttered under my breath. Unlike most females, I am not very fond of very cute things. I tend to look at them suspiciously lest they turn into a nightmare any minute now. Yeah I’m that sick, so back off.

Must be dreaming or
We’re onto something

Frou Frou sings, and I go home.

[This is a post for last Sunday. It was written on scratch paper, after I sneaked away from myself while cramming for my Macroeconomics exam. Am I cool or what?]


Blogger Henrik said...

Rose Red is less known than Snow White, probably because Disney never held on to her. They loved Dopey more - that dope. :D

7:19 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

no, no, the Snow White and Rose Red that I'm meaning are sisters. This is not the Snow White we all know. They are from an entirely different fairytale, I think. ;)

11:01 PM  
Anonymous mia said...

I've read about Snow White and Rose Red. Too bad it isn't well-known..

When I'm stressed, I like to go on trips too.. Hmm.. Staying for a while in a fairytale setting would be nice. =)

11:23 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

hey miami! of course it would be nicer than nice. it would in fact be the nicest thing ever. i wonder when can i move in?

11:22 PM  
Blogger Reighben Earl Wysten Labilles said...

thanks ah! hehe.. by the way.. my old blog has finally been updated

11:35 PM  

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