Monday, March 26, 2007


I have nothing against fat people, but I have something against fat people who sit beside me on buses with especially narrow seats. Like this afternoon. The heat was suffocating already, but after this humongous man sat beside me, space and air became a thoroughly serious problem.

I mean, I know I'm quite petite and I am really a logical choice for fat people to sit beside with. But I can take it if it happens, at the most, once a week. But the last time I came home from Manila (last Saturday) another fatty sat beside me! And it's the Cavite bus with the narrowest seat ever. Shit. I'm supposed to be used to it by now, but is it just me, or the cosmos are conspiring against my petite little curly self?

So karma. Maybe this is karma. Good enough explanation, since I have been a not-so-nice girl lately. Well okay shut up I'm not-so-nice usually, but the intensity has increased along with the heat. Karma, okay, I can take that. But please please not more than once a week!

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Me, distressed, to say the very least.


Blogger Henrik said...

And the photo only visualizes your plight... I can't help but feel bad. Honestly.

Does that guy even know?

And what more if that was a jeepney?

11:04 PM  
Anonymous mewi said...

liz ang cute mo!!!!!! HAHA

10:27 PM  

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