Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm supposed to talk about how my schedule for next semester sucks. Suddenly though, I don't have the energy to rant. I don't have the energy for much these days. It's just like dragging your feet left, right, left, right, kshh, right, slump. It's like waking up wanting to go back to bed again because you know the day ahead is just like the day tomorrow---dreary.

I was dreaming when the phone vibrated somewhere below my ribs. It was a bad dream, as lately I am wont to have. It was raining torrents and the water started to rise; I was panicking again. I was trying to save my stuff from the clutches of the cold, muddy water when I saw the plug of my desk lamp spark and then burn up the floor. Water and fire. Incessant vibration below my ribs.

"Hello?" I ask.
"Hi luffles," he says.
"Hey luff," I say.

And thus Murphy's Law was thwarted.


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