Sunday, December 16, 2007


When I fall in love, I can only fall in love more. I am not capable of loving any person less than I have loved this person at any given point in time. When I find no reason to remain in love with someone or when I can't seem to plumb the feeling from anywhere within me, then this person is marked for filing in the cabinets of my past. I have never believed in holding on to people. I try to, but the command (or plea) "hold on" apparently never stuck well in my psyche.

Is this wrong, that I can leave people just like, I dunno, that? You must understand that I never ask anyone this simply because I don't really care about what anyone's answers might be. I'd love to hear them, but concern for them is an entirely different thing. I might care, but only in a purely intellectual exercise.


Blogger JohnB said...

i can't remember how i stumbled on this place...but this subject piqued my eye having run that particular gambit myself (not that this qualifies me at all you understand).

i once wrote a comment on another's place that read, "love is like scraping moss off the roof in the rain"...and i haven't strayed from this perspective since those god awful teen years

right or wrong? short answer: life is too damned short.

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