Monday, February 25, 2008


I am unbearably busy. Gods, I hate that word. Busy. It stars with a nice rounded sound in 'bu' and then ends up with a sharp, hissing noise in 'sy'. So many papers and reports to do. I hate this time of year, but I suppose things will end pretty soon. Just less than a month and boom! Vacation! Also known as practicum, meh.

I can't wait for school to end. Since this year started, two people sort of offered me a job. As in a real job, with real pay. You can't believe how tempted I am---so near, and yet so far, graduation. School isn't that terrible for me to drop out of it. Well, not yet, even considering the state that I'm in. But stiiiill. Job equals living on your own equals late night outs equals more time with Marco equals my own money to buy the stuff I really like equals tons of other things I want to have right NOW.

Ah well, as usual, one just lives with it.


Blogger Xio said...

take your time, lizlan. btw, luv the color scheme here. ;>

8:55 AM  

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