Friday, December 23, 2005

Evil Mood

i do not deserve this.
heck, maybe i do. i deserve a lot of things sept that they rarely come back to me.
and negatively.

been out some time. no inclination to use the net. blogging and cc are the only two things that keep me here. and betch. but i dunno.
dammit. i feel like im weighed down with a ton of lead.
dammit. a- gain.

there is no coherence. my usual coherence has disinegrated. did it exist in the first place? occasionally, i love to think.

been some time since i felt like this. i basically just go along and bad evil odious moods are maintained at a takable level. but there is no one around to take any, anyway.
and tomorrow, when i wake up, ill probly fugget.

isnt that just lovely.

lovely, lovely.

am i going bonkers? nah. not yet. maybe some time after a few hours. and only for a while.



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