Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Proud and the Sorry

How high is your pride?

Pride is a survival mechanism. It saves a person's ego, therefore, it saves that person's sanity and makes him function normally. In cases where mistakes are made and faults are uneccessarily revealed, Pride saves us from ourselves since we are automatically blinded to, what else, ourselves. Ourselves, our cynical, hypocritical, selves.

How sorry can you be?

When a person is sorry and when he says it, a big gunk of pride is scraped off his system and the blinders covering his perception of himself partially opens. It takes a certain amount of will to say 'Sorry' especially when you know that you are not the one who is at fault. Then again, who is to say when one is wrong and one is right?
So easy to be blinded, so hard to accept it.

Some people are too proud to say sorry.
Some are proud but sorry people.

A few are proud to be saying sorry and accepting the fact that no one is perfect, and that saying 'sorry' is something to be proud of in itself. The will to say it and not just feel it is a severe exercise in courage and humility, both of which we need in generous amounts to make this world a happier place to be.


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