Friday, November 18, 2005

Silverfingers and Other Some Such Species

He’s not as good as Goldfinger (as no one will ever be) but he’s good enough to spend a 7am class awake. As opposed to Goldfinger, who only has one ringed finger, Silverfingers has four of his right- hand appendages surrounded by silver circlets. Hence, the name.
He is our professor for Geology this semester. And who would have thought that he’s one of the only two micro paleontologists in the Philippines? He has fascinating stories about his fieldwork, especially that one about Tibet which has holes for toilet bowls and nada for fecal privacy.

We also have Mikee. She is our professor for Communications II, and graduated magna cum laude just this year. She has permed curly hair plus the glib and the sass to live up to it. Thus, when everyone first set eyes on her, they thought she was a woman.
That, my dear block mates, is certainly not a meaningless assertion.

The next on the list is Mr. Tae Kwan Do. He will be teaching us, what else, Tae Kwan Do for PEHM II. Astig siya! At panalo mare! Panalo!
He said that he has never lost any fight. He also won the silver medal for the World Tae Kwan Do Festival. He teaches the martial art at Ateneo and other exclusive schools in Manila.
At panalo siya mare. Panalo.

For Political Science we have Ramota who is also a fresh graduate, from just last year. He is like a big brother, reminiscent of Sir Ronnie from high school. They have the same approach and rapport with students, which means that they still remember how it was to be one. I like calling him Ramota. It sounds cool. Ramotaramotaramotaramota.

We have Prof. Llanes for Psychology 101. I can’t call her anything else for her age alone commands respect. Utter respect. She is like a grand old dame, benign and wistful. But she days ‘gonna’ and ‘divah!’ Hm.
“So you know, our brain is protected by the skull, right.”

For the finale: we have Dr. Sioco for Philosophy. She hasn’t taught yet, just the customary introductions and house rules, but there is only one word to describe her: maligalig. Uh. She seems very pleased to be terrorizing, erm, educating us in the schools of thought.
By the way, she chairs the Department of Social Sciences.
And she does not want any crap papers stuck in her pigeonhole.

Our profs are cool this sem. It only means one thing: we have to work harder.
Bring it on.


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panalo pala ha? panalo pala! *sulks*

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