Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bus Ethics

i was riding a bus to Cavite just a few hours ago and, for once, i was not with anyone. i was tired and sleepy from the sleepover at betch's house and, for once, there was nobody i can sleep on.
i was dozing off when this very maligalig girl woke me up again and made me want to kill Filipinos. she was too noisy and crass for me, considering the Noisy- And- Crass dosages i get everyday (which is something that speaks a lot from being with a certain guy named Geronimo all the time).
well, at least he has finesse while being crass.
back to this girl.
i was erm, sleeping, when she started pointing at me and smiling and laughing at me while giving a running commentary of how stupid i look.
see,when i sleep outside and even in my bed, i rarely am unaware of what is going on near me. i can wake up at 1 am and feel a cockroach brush on my face and panic and turn on the light. i am bothered by paper being blown around and away by my electric fan. one can imagine my great desire to end Ms. Crassy's existence, but i am too tired.
lucky her.
besides, i would also have to get rid of her stupid boyfriend too, who laughs at her corny jokes and wears a generic striped polo.
1. when the person beside you is sleeping, dont be very attention-getting, ergo, shut up.
2. if you are having a hot conversation via text and the person replies to you frequently, please turn the phone in silent mode. this is especially courteous when you are riding a bus in the morning where people are still sleepy or meditative.
3. please guys, let girls sit. or old men. dont face the window as if you dont see anything but your inconsiderate self.
4. if your voice is not, to say it kindly, melodious, please dont burst into song in the middle of a peaceful bus ride. please. not all people have fm or mp3 players.
5. when everyine is doing the Sardine Thing (i.e, playing challenging roles like canned fish) in front of the bus, kindly move you ass at the back. it will not hurt you. it will not hurt you. it will not.
6. if you forget everything, the basic rule is to just sit in your chair and have your own little world until such time you decide to go down the bus. then, do whatever it is you like. a closed envronment like an air-con bus is not very conducive to sanity in the first place and to you in the second place.


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