Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dread Words

Break- off- illustrates teeth falling off and decaying along with one’s primary blood- pumping organ
Cool off- suggests a warm relationship in need of deep freezing which just might be forever
Frank- a guy more tactless than Kris Aquino
I- sharp- sounding syllable where the universe eternally revolves
Impulse- a moment governed by a heartbeat
I Hate You- three words uttered in calculated fear of seeing one’s id reflected in a living human
I Love You- three words never spoken in sobriety or for that matter, in sanity
Obese- an over- weight Chinese wearing an obi
Politics- address of a beautiful, freshly- painted mansion with a dusty, rusty, rotting interior
Pushy- a softer version of pussy; to forcefully get what one wants without his reproductive organ
Queer- the title of the King of Fairies
You- dust, lint, amoeba, compared to I


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