Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Throne


The greatest achievement of man is also his most humbling creation. Here he is human in the most basic sense; here he is half-naked to the world, figuratively and literally. Here his identity is stripped and all that is left is the animal urge to satisfy nature’s call.

It’s a dynamic, fast-paced world today. Technology has revolutionized communications and transportation. The world does not sleep anymore. There is noise at any minute of the day, at any second of the night.
Noise has overpowered silence.
Except in your throne.
There you can think and explore your thoughts. In the time you excrete there is eternity and eternity is more than enough to discover. There you are at your most vulnerable and helpless state; where all your defenses are down, along with your underpants. You get the rare chance to contemplate your mortality, your humanity, and what you ate this morning for you to deserve such a pain in your abdomen.

The throne is our sanctuary from the world without borders and increasingly with no silence. We all need time to reflect, to look inside ourselves and realize those things that should really matter to us. If we have problems and think the human race has dropped us, there is the throne to soothe our soul with its solidarity and ceramic purity.


Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

the greatest ideas are born in the toilet.

this has been my philosophy since childhood.

7:12 PM  

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