Sunday, August 07, 2005

Balance and Utopia


There’s always one of those days when you lose faith in yourself and all that you are. Those days when you walk aimlessly in the streets, under the rain, feeling left out by the world.
Corny, but we must admit that we have those moments.
We wish we never have to experience them.
But think.
What if everyone was happy all the time?
Imagine that guy at the waiting shed smiling as his happy girlfriend is slapping his face. Imagine the old lady smiling as she is begging for her survival. Or the jeepney driver grinning as his jeep is smashed by a drunken co-ed.
Just impossible. In life’s perfection there is balance. In positivity, negativity. In happiness, sadness. . In every smile, an equivalent tear. The universe and life as it is now will never exist if there is no negating factor to every creation.
Is utopia, from this view of the world, possible? Where all are content and productive? Where everyone is inspired to laugh and smile, free from the cynicism and hypocrisy that envelopes us even now?
I don’t think so.
Utopia is everyone’s dream, articulated using this word or not. It is the dream of the laborer as he walks home and wishes he has more money for his family. It is the dream of the broken-hearted and the romantically disillusioned for “The One” to come around. It is the dream of the orphan as he looks up at the stars and wishes for a family he could call his own.
Being the humans that we are, though, and having the perfection which we are based on, we make mistakes and end up giving up those dreams.
Balance is the keyword. Balance.
Utopia may exist for an individual, but for only a finite period of time. It will never last, since if there is eternity, there must be an end. We are talking about balance here, and how everything, even the undesirable parts of life, constitute to the perfection of nature, which we are a part of.
I hope you understand this, for all who read this.
If you are sad today, you will be happy some other day.

(Lintik na yan! Yun lang ang summary nito eh!)


Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

for every good, there exists exactly one true value of evil.

dahil ang plus ay may minus,
dahil ang yin a may yang
dahil ang cc ay may lbrccc....
at dahil ang x may y...


man is his own.

9:33 PM  

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