Sunday, June 26, 2005

the beggining of the end (of my notebook diaries)

soulshaker: June 2005

this blog has now become an absolute necessity. to continue to express myself, i must turn to the Web to protect my privacy from the prying eyes of my beloved mother.
SHE read my diaries. in defense of herself during my on-the-spot prosecution (i.e., confrontation), she proclaimed that SHE is the law and that mothers MUST know everything about her subjects, that including me, and my adorable brother.
so what can i do? being the meek and obedient daughter that i am, i have no choice but ot concede victory to my tyrannical relative. *sigh* oh well.
at leat she doesnt know how to use the internet.
so anyway.
yesterday we had a community immersion at Sitio Kaong, Silang, Cavite. i have various scratches and brown (formerly white) tennis shoes to show for it. the trek towards that community was hell, beating the time i got lost at tagaytay and at the Botanical Garden at Laguna. that immersion's purpose was to teach us how life is in such an isolated place as Sitio Kaong.
i learned.
but not a lot.
i (together with my blockmates) want to scratch the eyes out of that CDRC witch. she let us go through that hell-raising climbing, falling, wading, and slipping without knowing that theres an easier way.
in fairness to that tarsier-looking (b)witch, she went through the same. and she nicley gave me a rubberband to tie my hair with. she isnt by nature evil.
just stupid.
but thanks for the rubberband.
got home by 9 pm or so. dead tired. great that someone was with me to take care of me. i owe that person a lot. and i am becoming too dependent on that person. heavily too dependent, which isnt the lizette way. it just simply isnt.
whats next? when i accept that fact i will be accepting a lot more other things i simply am not ready to.
soulshaker, huh? me?
im disconcerting.
even myself.


Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

i love brown tennis shoes.

4:57 PM  
Blogger marX said...

ahaha. i thought the same thing. my problem was keeping my journal away from my pesky, little sis.

6:24 PM  

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