Friday, July 29, 2005



For the green of mind, I AM SORRY.
If your eyes are watering and your saliva levels (and God knows what else) are fluctuating, think again.
There is nothing green whatsoever about this entry.

There is one radio station that has incurred my ire ever since I started commuting from Cavite to Manila and back. This particular station plays all the corniest songs ever created, makes green jokes that are graphic and sexually suggestive from any angle of analysis, and is an expert at turning nice songs into delectable garbage by over-playing them. The worse thing is the fact that most public transpo vehicles tune in to it.
Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?
Whenever I sit down a bus, I cross my fingers and fervently wish that there is no radio playing. If there is, I hope it’s not Love Radio. Unfortunately, I am usually wrong. I retch when I hear the first strains of the novelty songs making their rounds in the ears of the listening masses. I prepare to throw myself out of the window when the jokes of Nicole Lihiyala and Kris Chupet (is that the right spelling? Who has a surname of “chupet” anyway?) are on air.
Due to my unending patience, though, I stand my ground. I plan my revenge and I will execute it when I become a corporate lawyer and control the stocks in the house.
I will ruin Love Radio.
I still get my moments whenever I pass by CCP, moments when I just want to bomb the Love Radio station. But someone told me that Joe Taruc broadcasts from the same building, so I control myself. I don’t want to ruin a respectable media man’s future because of my (eherm) charitable intentions.
*lalong titigas
ang masel namin
lalong hahaba
ang buhay namin
hanggang mag-69
ay malakas pa rin
ay swak na swak pa rin*
I sit in silence, try to drown out the detestable music with my MP3 player, and plot my sweet revenge.
But then the question.
Why do Filipinos buy that kind of radio station?
Is it because of the jokes? The cheap music? O korni lang ba talaga ang masang Pilipino by nature?
There must be a logical explanation. What would Emile Durheim have thought? Is this a demonstration of the social currents he ardently wrote about? How does a popular radio station like Love Radio influence the modern organic society? Does it promote anomie, catering mostly to the manggagawa and mala- manggagawa?
Questions, questions, questions.
Interesting answers.
I am steeped in SocSci. Over-reading ang tawag diyan.
There’s only one solution.

Bakit lagi siyang lumalayo?
Siguro kasi…

When I become a lawyer…


Blogger Kristoffer said...

mp3 player?


9:20 PM  
Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

i do not see any explanation why it is so named "LOVE RADIO."
where is the love?

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sorryy for the super late comment.. but i can't help but tell you how hard i am laughing right now..:D WAHAHAHAHA -mary

7:18 PM  

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