Thursday, July 14, 2005

in bogart's mind


bogart is friendly and nice. "SHE" does not bark at strangers. she lives a very simple life, eating from HER red dog dish and drinking from her yellow dog dish.
simple. red, yellow.
what is inside her head?
is it always food? or the time when her freedom from her red, belled leash will come? is it the belly-scratching when i come home?
or does she think about the world and who made it? does she talk to the dog of Aling Elsa? what do they talk about? do they want GMA to resign?
does she have regrets? maybe she was sorry she ate that dead bird the other day. or maybe when she didnt run away from my mom when it was her bath time. or maybe when she woke me up at two am just to look at me from the living room window.
do dogs cry? do they have feelings?
and this is the most important question of all.
what do dogs think of us complex, supremer humans?
maybe we are not complex at all. maybe we are not supreme at all. we pride ourselves in our capacity to think. but where are we now?
individually, maybe somewhere.
but as a nation?
it could never be a red dog dish and a yellow dog dish. for us people, nothing is simple. but look at bogart. she lives a happy life. if you look in her eyes, she seems wiser than everybody else. she doesnt speak, yet i hear her voice at two am, whining.
what is in bogarts mind?
what is her secret?
and maybe, she can share it and make the whole world happy.


Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

ang tao ay isinilang para mamatay.

8:19 AM  

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