Sunday, July 03, 2005

Philosophy From A Lost Soul


I read a lot of books. Sometimes, I read too much, and what is the reality in the paper pages become the same for my world. Realities intermingle and become one, that sometimes it feels as if I am living in at least ten worlds at a given moment in time.
I read something from a cheap sci- fi paperback. I don't remember who wrote it, im not even sure if its a novel. but something written there struck me profoundly and haunts me still in the silence of the tombs inside my mind...
was this from plato?
in the ancient times, before man is as he is now, there only existed sexless humans on earth who are neither male nor female. it seems as if they were a combination of both. as humans do, from stark innocence they started to live sinful lives that angered the gods. the all- powerful beings sent a catastrophe, a violent storm (if i remember correctly), that split the sexless humans in half. in the confusion of the storm, the two halves of what was once one ran everywhere for cover, towards the other ends of the earth.
of the two halves, one became male, the other, female. ever since their separation, they searched for each other all throughout the four corners of the world. others died, and became reincarnated because his or her search wasnt over. completeness as everyone once knew it before the storm did not exist anymore.
if we follow this story to word, everyone living today is still searching for the the other half of his or her body, heart, and soul lost a long time ago...
how whimsical. romantic, you may call it. tragic, definitely.
do you feel like you have everything? or is it there one tiny corner in the deepest recess of your heart that seems to have a hole in it?
what is your purpose?
what is mine?
they say love makes the world go round. living in a cynical world where hapiness and contentment is measured by how much money you have, love seems to be at the back of everyones mind. never a priority. always a responsibility. im in college right now where almost all people have fallen romantically in love. and got their hearts broken. their minds disillusioned. they seem to go together.
does the status quo always stand?
i have a dream. how martin luther-y.
i want to meet two people who is the half of one another. who embodies the so-called true love.
and maybe.
just maybe.
i will believe...


Blogger Kristoffer said...

in love ka nga..


ingat lagi.

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