Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nothing More Than Glass


Ding ding ding.
A few friendly reminders to all passengers: you are now entering UP. Please leave all that you are, all that you believe in, and your superhuman abilities at the customs desk before boarding. You can only reclaim them upon leaving the university if they are still there. Please fasten your seatbelts and we hope you have a great ride. Thank you and have a nice day
Ding ding ding.

In your high school, you were the hero. You were everything everyone wanted to be.
But then, you enter UP.
You have the brains, the talents (singing, dancing, great handwriting), the sazz (can I safely add “the looks”?).
So does your fellow Iskos.
Everyone is so inhuman that it makes everyone human (in UP anyway). The negation is much too evident that finding over-gifted people like you becomes common, their extraordinariness and yours too erased. It goes like this: if diamonds were found on the streets, they would be nothing more than glass.

In your high school, you had your own quiet little niche, surrounded by a wall of your principles and philosophy. It separates your secure little world from the real world where everything isn’t what you thought they should be.
But then you enter UP.
You meet people who are radically different from you that you are amazed by their idiosyncrasies every single day. You wonder, “How can he exist by that way of thinking? By that view of the world?” And then you think. If UP tells, no forces you to do anything, it is to THINK.
Constantly, inside the campus or not.
Once you’ve thought about it, whatever it is, you come to a conclusion: it’s right, or wrong.
And you are never the same.

In your high school, you knew who you were. You have defined yourself as inhumanly talented and extremely opinionated. You knew. You knew.
But then you enter UP.
Do you know the rest?

Can you claim them at the customs desk?

Staying in UP is a constant challenge to prove yourself. To your parents who expect so much (too much) from you, to your classmates who are on their toes to do the same, and to yourself who is changing everyday. It is true that you become nothing more than glass; once a diamond, now commonplace glass. There enters the challenge.
Polish yourself and be a diamond again.


Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

plagirist ka talagang gago ka.
naunahan mo na naman ako sa isa na namang blog entry.

so damn you chinas in pandas who pay people everyday to eat bamboo all day.

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