Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bookworm Heaven

I was complaining about not knowing where to spend my money, right? Well, now I know. Booksale and Diplomat are the best ever! I think they restocked or something, because yesterday they were both loaded with great books. I bought 15 books for 380 pesos. I just went crazy.
So I first scooted to Diplomat, bored, until I found Alduous Huxley's Island and my luck built up. I bought about four worth only 19 pesos each. Then i went to Booksale and they had even better books. I bought eleven, and the cashier asked me if the books were for a school project.

I went back to Diplomat to get Cc a copy of this sci-fi book I lent him, which he liked, it only cost 19 pesos. The guard asked me if I went to Booksale and if I saw a copy of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Incidentally, I did. It only cost 70 pesos and it looked unused, too. So he gave me a hundred and I went to their rival store and got him a copy. In exchage, he gave me a tip: Diplomat is going to restock again on the first week of September. And another: they've got Agatha Christies stocked somehwere for 15 pesos each, and asked if I would like him to find me some. I was broke by that time, so. Next time.

Oh, wait, before I forget. I bought a copy of Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior for 15 pesos. I heard about it because of my Humanities 1 class. One of its stories is part of the syllabus. When I opened the first page, I saw this:
To Joe,
Maxine Hong Kingston
It was autographed! Now, when my classmates clutch photocopied pages when we discuss it, I have an autographed book. Well, the autograph was not originally intended for me, but I got her signature, nonetheless.
Now I'll get back to Douglas Adams' So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish.


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