Friday, August 25, 2006

An Agnostic (Zoo) Animal

What’s more romantic, indigestion or an ulcer?

I went around school yesterday with a malfunctioned stomach. Stuff like that happens to other people, but not me. Almost always not me. I have a fairly healthy digestive life, thank you. And why are we talking about digestive lives? Uh oh, there’s something amiss here. Ms. Lanuzo (gasp!) probably has no social life.


Thank That-Being-Who-Is-Known-As-God-To-Other-People-But-Not-To-Me for sci-fi addicts. I wrote somewheres around April that I wish I’d meet a fellow sci-fi freak. No, not those who occasionally say ‘ooh’ to some pathetic sci-fi author wannabe. I mean, the hardcore urgh grunt who lives for the real thing.

Anyway, for SocSci 2 Sir Jal finally went to class. Now that’s a novelty. He gives these great discussions as if giving them is his ultimate happiness, which in turn, makes us ultimately happy. We were about to discuss St. Agustine and Aquinas so he asked who was Catholic. Profuse show of hands. Christian? Confusion, but hands still went up. Agnostic?

One hand. Mine.

I was sitting in the back corner, and when Sir nodded in my direction after I raised my hand, people in front were like ‘huh? Who’s that freak?’ I dunno, I felt a bit like what a zoo animal would have felt if it knew how to say it. I was dressed in black and looked the part of the agnostic zoo animal, anyway, so what the hell. I stared at this girl in the eye when she turned around twice. Next time Ms. Some-one-or-other-who-never-changes-her-jacket, give me some nuts.


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