Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lately I like to eat and eat and eat. Whenever I see food, I immediately want it. I am in a nasty food binge. I even ate sashimi. Its tastes like soy sauce. Oh, and pretty people with big boobs please dont eat at Karate Kid in Robinson's Manila; the management may ask your name, for some shadowy purpose beyond human comprehension. No, I dont have big boobs. And pretty is not an adjective for me.
Why does Captain Barbel look like a matinee idol? You know, with dimples, gelled hair and mestizo skin. I mean, him flying at high altitudes, you'd think he gets doubly exposed to deadly UV rays. But no. He's whiter than I am, and I'm cooped up in air-conditioned cans everyday. Speaking of air-con cans. Why is it that when there are exams, the air-con gets turned up max? Is it some terrorist conspiracy among profs?
Some people are just romantic disasters waiting to happen. No, I don't mean you, Gutless Girl. Although I may. But no, this one is not for you.
Some people are just give aways---they fall too easy for most people. Some people are just hardliners. These are pickier than most, and even when they catch the plague called we-all-know-what, they need MORE convincing. Usually, when I judge people (I judge people, sue me if you dont), I neatly put them in either two groups. Usually, my intuition is right.
When suddenly! I have discovered a specie who belongs to an unheard-of, maybe evolved, third class: romantic disasters waiting to happen, i.e., people who would just fall for ANYONE. At anytime.
Let's all review: the Easies, the Hardliners, the Romatic Disasters Waiting To Happen.
I just love walking around with Betch, Mishee, Andy and Mary. People part and cars stop.
What kind of place is this? Where you almost mean what you say? Where laws almost work?
-Cinque from the movie Amistad


Anonymous mewi said...

lizzie, the sashimi tasted like soy sauce because you deeped it too much in a paddle of soy sauce so it will taste like soy sauce.. OK. WHATEVER. i'll just agree that it tastes like soysauce.. hahaha.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous mewi said...

sorry.. *dipped.. hahahahaha.. pardon my impotence in vocabulary.. :D -mary

10:00 PM  

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