Thursday, August 17, 2006


In the last post, I committed the argumentum ad hominem.. I insulted the commercial model, needlessly (although she got it coming. She is still stupid, but in an argument, you don’t say that. Political correctness is the thing). I also mentioned that it is easier to pity than to think. Well, let me tell myself that it is much easier to hate than to think. And. I should have explained why Cha-Cha is not good news, in the post. But I already have, in an earlier one, so let me be.

Which is not to say that I’m taking back anything. I just love contradicting myself, especially when I know I am wrong. So why didn’t I just edit the whole thing? Why another post? Well, the errors are more obvious. Errors are important.

Hi Mam Sioco, I love you, your mole, and your sadistic screech. And of course, your color coordination. I have a nasty feeling that I will dress up like you when I get to live your age.


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