Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time, please?

I'm very frustrated. I got these really good books hanging around my room, and i want to read them all, but there's no time. Hell.

Betch lent me Tim Winton's Scission, a collection of these really short stories. Australian setting. Twisted families. Twisted feelings. Cool.

Ting lent me I Will Fear No Evil by Robert Heinlein. It's about this century-old man who had his brain transplanted to the body of his sexy secretary. Lots of sex. Lots of queers. But sci-fi nonetheless. Thanks again, Ting. I really thought it was the Ray Bradbury (which Sir Marquez confiscated) you were going to lend me. I love Ray too.

From the library I have two books: A Book of American Literature and Black Southern Voices. They're both a collection of America's canons. I'm doing a paper about it for Tita Edna, for which she would pay me P1000---but she's underpricing. That's the problem with relatives. You can't haggle. But I love the work, anyway. I (duh) love to read and write.

And there's also The Great Political Thinkers by Ebenstein & Ebenstein. It's an extended and more detailed version of Sophie's World, minus the story about Sophie and the Philosopher. Really geeky but interesting. It's about the political ideas that defined our history, defines our present, and will define our future. It's our textbook for SocSci 2. Miracle I bought it, as it costs a considerable lot.

Argh. Really frustrating. I have a lot of books in line. Mishee will lend me Neil Gaiman's The Sandman (is that the complete title? Betch, correct me). But I can't do what I want because of Tita Edna's comission and other various school stuff. Exams are coming up. Grittingmyteeths.

By the way, I hope I get accepted by UP Panitikan. Finally, an org I like. But we'll see.


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