Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Anti-Cure

I’m 18. I have my whole life ahead of me. I have more important things to worry about than those stuffy people in power and what they do to ruin this country. Important things, like, make-up, clothes, and the latest cell phone model. I have my grades to lose sleep about. I have a life untouched by the petty politics of this doggone country.

Have these thoughts ever run across your mind? No?

Hypocrite. While apathy can make things run okay for a while, making a religion out of it cannot keep your illusions. Get this: the country of which you are shamefully a citizen of is sinking. Not because of some macho geological upheaval, but because of ignorance and apathy. Your ignorance and apathy.

I mean, have you ever heard of this Cha-Cha thing? Sure, it’s about this change from a presidential government into a parliamentary one. What else? Uh… isn’t that it? Unfortunately, no. Cha-Cha involves far more than a simple change in the system. It deletes and amends certain articles in the constitution which can make things nastier for the country.

For one, it proposes to give parity rights to foreigners so that they may be able to pour in more investments to the country. All natural resources would be free to be exploited and profited from by foreigners. Now I find this really stupid. Stupid. Can’t Ate Glo see that even now, ‘free-trade’ is hurting our economy? She believes that a surge of investment would be the hero to save us. She seems to believe that opening up our country like a free bag of gold to the world can give us more gold. True, while foreign investments can create jobs and new industries, larger profit escapes the country. Para lang tayong binigyan ng kanin, pero sa kano yung ulam.

Also, there is the ease of enforcing Martial Law if Cha-Cha had its way. Impeachable cases such as corruption and loss of public trust would not be impeachable anymore. Even the educational system is affected since Cha-Cha absolves the government from providing quality schooling to the public.

More importantly though, is the question: does a change in the system bring about a change for the better in the country?

Representative Teddy Casino seems to believe otherwise. He asserted that while the government processes would change, the ruling class will stay the same and reign the same. The biases and bigotry of the elite cannot be wiped away by a charter change. Corruption as a disease cannot be cured by a few amendments if the same people perpetrate it. Cha-Cha is not a solution to the problem. Cha-Cha is a complication to the problem, an anti-cure.

What then, would be a solution?

We can begin with ourselves, really. Is it hard to be aware of the upheavals we, as a nation, face today? I’m a teenager myself. I don’t really care a lot, but I’m forced to since I’m a Political Science student. It doesn’t hurt.

They affect my life, these upheavals. They are bound to affect yours. Not knowing about them does not render them non-existent, and not doing anything about them does not solve them.
Instead of being the Anti-Cure, how about becoming a Cure? Just know more, and the rest will follow, like clear directions to the next Share-A-Load station


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