Friday, June 16, 2006

Come To Think Of It

I think I’ll have a lot of fun in HumI. I can arrogantly say that I’ve probably read a lot more than my classmates already, being the bookworm that I am. I eat literature for breakfast.


So I’m giddy about new stuff to read that I haven’t already gotten my hands on. There’s gluttony for food, lust for flesh, greed for money. What collective term would you give for the gluttony, lust, and greed for books? My case is not just plain bookworming. I would probably die if I don’t read anything, even just the back of Chocolait (and by the way I like Chuckie’s puzzles).

I don’t read so I can write, to get a grade, or to pass my time. I don’t read for leisure. I read for me. I love the emotions and sensations that a good author can bring out of me. I love the way words intertwine to form a picture of unimaginable beauty in my head. I love the way a world is built within a couple hundred pages. And most importantly, I love the way I can move through its walls like an omniscient spirit.

Why don’t I take Literature? Not a bad idea. Maybe after I graduate, if I get too lazy to wallow in Law. The idea sounds better and better…


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