Sunday, May 07, 2006

On A Sunday

It’s not a good morning. It’s never a good Sunday morning! Not since these guys from some religion came to live backdoors from our house. Before, I liked my Sundays. They were nice and peaceful, with sunlight streaming down in a dappled glow from our narra trees. But now the imagery is ruined. There are these howling fiends singing ‘Allelujah!’ all over the cursed place!

Now, I am not a firm believer of religion. Nevertheless, I have nothing against these howling fiends singing ‘Allelujah!’ as if their lungs will burst; just the fact that they are howling, and in the process, as if their lungs will burst along with my bruised patience. I don’t believe in their version of god, and obviously I am not the only one. I wish they would stuff their asses and quit the microphone, and obviously I am not the only one stuck with these feelings. People do need rest. And it’s fucking SUNDAY! But I am getting ahead of myself.

Get some nice verses from your typical Christian hymn. Are you following? Yeah. Then put those words in nice abominable pop-ish, rock-ish noise, er, trash, er, music. Now. You feel my suffering.

The neighbors have tried to shut them up. Well, to be less exaggerated, to quiet them down. See, they use mikes, and amps, and turn up the volume. Now I don’t get that, since their church is very small, ridding them the necessity of such caucus-making gadgets. But NO! No! They use real drums and real electric guitars, and make real, un-snubbable noise.

On a Sunday.

So the neighbors. My mumi’s kumpadre, Mang Boy, who lives in front of the sect’s church, have had it. For the past month or so, he has unfailingly turned up his own amps every Sunday, at 8:30 AM sharp. He plays Eminem (now this looks like a job for me…), BEP (where is the love…) and Britney Spears (oops…I did it again…) really loud. The whole subdivision can hear him! Now that’s what I call fighting for democracy. Garish, but it’s a statement.

Other neighbors have been more compromising. The owners of the house besides the church just turn tail when it’s Sunday. My Lolo used to walk his Doberman, Ara Mina (who unfortunately died of food poisoning, bless her soul), around the premises. And I shout at my brother for any excuse just to make my own little, glorious noise.

Sometimes, when it’s their sermon session with their resident evangelist, something is mentioned about ‘praying for peace to our neighbors’, but I don’t really hear that. I really don’t.

I am not usually mean. This has been going on for some time. But, see, I didn’t really have a nice sleep last night. I finished reading David Copperfield at about 12:47 AM and slept at 1:08 AM, only to be awakened by a searing heat caused by a typical calamity when it’s summer: brownout. I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know by what ungodly hour I fell to the axe of slumber, but it must be pretty well onto morning. I woke up with a headache, a painful back, and a capacity for meanness beyond human limitations.

I woke up to painful noise.

On a Sunday.

Now where's my stupid little brother?!


Blogger just press start said...

haha! neocounter says you got one visitor from canada! yeee! haha.. aahhh...canada... one peaceful country, EH?haha..lipat na kayo xanga! kayo ni nong and betchhh!!! and mga friends niyo riN! tell em to switch to xanga!!

11:34 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

haha! you still get a kick out of seeing 'one visitor from canada' at my counter no? anyway, i like blogger as it is. but who knows?

3:56 PM  
Blogger marX said...

haha! hindi lang ikaw ang naiinis sa mga ganun liz.

10:26 PM  
Blogger just press start said...

noo... xanga xanga xanga! hehehe, anyway, gotta go back to homework na, dont forget to go to my xanga once in a while! wehihih! i dunno if you guys can comment though, anyway, HOMEOWRK!

12:09 PM  
Blogger lizette said...

we cant comment at xanga. :( unless maybe you put a tagboard there!

3:34 PM  

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