Saturday, April 29, 2006


I've been reading The Half-Blood Prince. Again. Which must mean that I'm really, really bored. No offense to Harry Potter fans, but I've always regarded his series with skepticism. Or maybe I'm just biased. Something so popular is bound to become bland after a while, and Harry Potter is more than 'a while' fad.

Like everyone else, though, I'm waiting for the seventh book. I want to see how Rowling ties up all the loose ends, which speculations are true or false. There is the question if Dumbledore is really dead, if Snape is really what he has been made to seem to be, and of course, who dies next.

Anyway, my summer is going fine. I get to lose weight, for one, as my mother is not an extraordinary gourmet. Remember, remember, the leche flan fiasco. Classes are okay. I finally understand all this math gunk, now that I don't have to go crazy over my Philosopy. In short, I am happy. I normally am.

Oh well. I'm sleepy. Later.


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